5 Ways to Raise An Eco Baby: Green Parenting Tips to Try Today

How can your family go green?  In honor of Earth Day, we want to share some accessible and simple ways to make environmentally friendly choices.  Find out how to make your home a healthier place to raise your family, and things you can start teaching your kids now, to build eco-friendly habits.    


1. Create an Environmentally Friendly Baby Registry- If you're expecting or helping with planning of an expecting parent, create an eco-friendly registry!  Add items you like from different eco-friendly shops into ONE registry.  Some of our favorite registries are: The Baby List, and My Registry

2. Choose Sustainable Baby Clothing- Newborns have sensitive skin.  Natural and eco-friendly clothing like our apparel feels and is gentle on the skin - it's manufactured from more natural ingredients.  

3. Use Natural Baby Skincare + Cleaning Products- Using all-natural products for direct application to the skin, such as all-natural shea butter, hydrates and helps with skin issues such as eczema.  Washing clothes will eco-friendly detergent and household cleaning products keeps a clean + healthy home. You can also create your own homemade cleaning batches with ingredients like vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda.  

4. Reuse and Recycle Clothes- We all want the absolute best for our baby, but who says that always means "brand new"?  Many parents quickly realize that babies outgrow things, fast, and that their things are practically still new when they leave them behind.  With that in mind, try saving your baby's items for the next child or  shop second-hand baby goods.  Some cool sites to consider are: Freecycle, Wee PeaGood Buy Gear and Rebel Stork, to name a few.  

5. Grow Houseplants- With toxins floating around everywhere, especially in busy cities like the one we live in (NYC), clean air is vital in any household.  Growing plants improve the air quality and hep remove toxic chemicals from your living space.  Also, growing plants in the home teaches kids how to care for living things.  A win/win. 

*Bonus: Be A Green Example to Your Kids- My son holds me accountable to being kind to the earth because he knows that I care and because he knows we all need to help each other out.  Whenever I mistakenly litter, he makes me go back to pick it up.  I'm not perfect, no one is, but together we can do better!  


1. Get Baby Outside + Moving- Expose your baby to nature and reduce your carbon footprint whenever possible.  If we can use a baby sling and walk, bike together with your toddler or take the subway to our destination (granted we live in NYC), it's a win!  We get our bodies moving and we do our part to lessen air pollution.  Besides, driving your child everywhere lowers their sense of awareness and independent mobility.  

2. Get Crafty- Try making crafts together instead of buying another plastic toy they'll stop using by tomorrow.  All you need is a pair of scissors, glue, some magazines or a cardboard box.  

3. Make Bath/Shower Time Shorter- The average bath uses 35 to 50 gallons of water.  Consider using less water in the tub, sharing bath time with siblings, and  transitioning to taking shorter showers.  

4. Make Your Own Baby Food- You wouldn't believe what's inside some of these pureed baby foods.  Try using the Yuka app when shopping to instantly see the impact of the ingredients on your health by simply scanning its barcode, to make healthier selections.  You can also try making your own baby food with seasonal fruits and veggies, when possible.  

5. Family Green Day- Set a monthly "Green Day" at home where you spend most of the day outdoors, reduce energy consumption (electronic devices), donate toys and clothes, and visit a local farmer's market.  


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